Six Survival Tips for Life

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Things happen, people create situations, situations create themselves in the end nothing stays the same.

But after the ups and downs, twists and turns, tears and laughter what have you learnt?

About yourself, others and life and this thing we all call living.

Sometimes we know, sometimes we hear that soft voice telling us no but we continue doing what we want anyway and while in it, as the situation makes that pivotal turn to disaster, hearts sink and stomachs churn for there’s nothing to say or do but ride the wave and hope for the best.

Then there are times that we never see the “it” coming.

It’s uncertain…

And try as we might to stay away from the things that we deem to be too much, as we try to steer away from the paths less traveled, try not to rock boats and open doors, what we’re really doing is trying to keep safe, to protect our hearts, mind and soul and our physical being and those whom we love, but we must face the truth, the reality of life.

We can not stop the unexpected from happening and sometimes that’s good ’cause not everything unplanned is bad or sad. There are good things that happen too which we don’t expect and some bad things do end up being good in the end.

I don’t have answers, sometimes I want to disappear, other times I want to live instead of existing and it isn’t easy doing what you know you should.

In fact I’ve discovered the following pieces of advice, which are crucial tools to keep you somewhat sane, as you continually encounter life lessons.

But it’s the only one you’ve got…

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And To Help You Do That Here Are Six Survival Tips…

Learn to let go

Sometimes stepping back helps

Face your fears head on, don’t let fear dictate your pace

Sometimes you need to step out of that comfort zone

So you can take that leap of faith

And listen to that inner voice, your gut feeling or inner compass-yes its’ there for a reason every true traveler/adventurer has one, remember Indiana Jones? Right!

Or you can always become a pineapple, they’re pretty cool and fresh!

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