Shit happens!


Everything happens for a reason.

Oh really?

How many times have you heard that and wanted to punch the person in the face for spewing such garbage.

What could be the reason for the death of a loved one?

Stubbing your toe?

Computer crashing?

Or burning your finger on the stove?

Well I don’t know…

But I can tell you this…

You better get used to it…

pexels-photo-1309052’cause shit happening is a side effect of living.

And what about the philosophical questions that eats us alive, the questions that we seek direct answers to instead of round about jargon and riddles?

What is life?

What is living

What is balance?

What is misfortune?

And how do we deal with it?

I think maybe the lesson is not always in the unfortunate events and mishaps or the missteps that we take in life but how we deal with them.

Do we get mad, do we break down and stay down.

Somehow we rise not because we are so overcome with deep inspiration, not because we aren’t in pain but because we actually want to continue living to see where the journey takes us.

I think just knowing that others depend on us is motivation enough not to stop!

I think the innate curiosity of being human makes us take that next step!

It might not happen over night but we do rise, not always for self, but in spite of self and for those that need us to stand for them.

Copyright by Danielle Martin
featuring images by Cacique and Ric Rodrigues

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