Should I publish on Amazon-Kindle?

How it started?

A few days ago a friend suggested I publish my poems on Amazon Kindle.

“It’s easy and free!” she said with intense excitement.

An excitement so contagious that right there and then in her bedroom/office I signed up.

It was a breeze and took less than 10 minutes.

So why did I not do this before?! 

I did go the traditionally published way but that’s a whole other story from the twilight zone. 

Okay Now what?! I’m signed up and ready to go!

I was like how do I get my word document in a kindle format.

Well, when in doubt google.

I looked over more than a dozen sites.

Then I took the plunge realizing that I could read and re-read until kingdom come but that the only way to know was to do it!

I downloaded the Kindle Create App which takes you through the formatting process. And removes the head-ache of having to convert files from word to PDF and or mobi etc…

Loads of hours later. I finally got something I was happy with so I uploaded and waited for the release day of my kindle e-book.

I prayed that the layout would look good on the various devices.

The day came and success!


Layout was less than perfect.

Luckily KDP allows you to upload and reload as many times as needed prior to the release date and you can also update the book after it goes live on Amazon.

So it was back to the drawing board

This time however, I was more certain as to what I was doing and knew the specific alterations to layout required to make the paragraphs and images flow more easily. Yes I wanted my book to be fabulous!!!

If it’s one thing I noted, with kindle, simple is better at least if you’re not an expert.

Nevertheless the whole experience was fun and cost-effective, you can’t do better than zero dollars.

YES it was a challenge and YES I would recommend and YES I’d do it again.

And the result?


image1 (2)

  1. Go check it out NOW!
  2. Download the free-sample
  3. Even better, click and purchase
  4. Leave an honest review, either which way you choose
  5. Thanks! You just made a new author smile.

Copyright Danielle Martin


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