What is it with lists that make us think we’re in motion and then again it also makes us feel like we’re not.

There’s always so much to be done.

We set time frames for goals, but life sometimes isn’t about such.

It’s about getting stuck, taking the roads not always planned, retracing steps and building new dreams.

Life happens whether we’re ready or not.


There’s much that gets stuck

much that is birthed and just as much aborted

a week from now

Just watch

as I try to reflect on what is and what isn’t

to recall the things never said, never done,

the list that I must attend

the same list I write over and over again,

the same list that gives hope and as much frustrates.

Does it set me right?

Just look at all that remains

like dust under my shoe

leaving trails of desire that may one day become

and still with each step

telling stories of what never became.


                                                                                             Copyright Danielle Martin
                                                             Featured images by Brad Neathery and Christian Holzinger



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